Our Mission is Your Joy

Who doesn’t love living life as if they are a spiral galaxy?

Curious as to who we are and what we do?

We are Alison and Zoe and our missions are to offer small (but a with Big Bang) ways to put the magic of self-discovery, love, luck and joy into everyday life. We can’t eradicate the sad, mad and bad that life sends our way but we know there are creative ways to explore life in its technicolour and move ourselves gently back towards joy. All our suggestions and practices can take but a moment to achieve and complete and you can ‘do it now’ – no equipment other than yourself is necessary – or you can ‘go deeper’ and take a little adventure, dwelling in the unfolding of the moment.

Despite leading busy modern lives with all the ‘hygge’ comforts we can lay our hands on, we love journeying towards even more dots of joy, wherever they can be unearthed, mined for, found, earned, spotted from a distance or discovered and we adore working with you glorious people to close the gaps between those small moments of bliss so that we can live more joyously and whole-heartedly.

Why bother yourself?

All too often, we are sold the idea that ‘me’ time is a luxury spa break or retail therapy but these things are expensive, aren’t realistic everyday practices and can often leave you feeling like you’ve just jumped into a swimming pool that lacks a suitable depth to hold the whole of you. Besides, if there is one thing we dwellers in these strange times are sure of: we can be too time poor with too little gold in the coin purse to spa and shop. What if we can afford ourselves all the luxury of blissful, joyful, celebratory living by drawing on the self? Or, we can become bogged down with long-winded self-help that requires us to put specific time aside and try to find some academic joy. We pursue ‘me’ time that is perpetually accessible and deep rooted in the lores of living in which you are the source of your love, luck and joy.

What does ‘adventing’ involve?

At Advent De Moi, we take a postmodern pick and mix view of ‘me’ time, well-being and self-discovery. Think of Advent De Moi or ‘adventing’, or even ‘gladventing’ as a glorious way to experiment with who you are, how you can live and how you could hatch some bliss through unusual little takes and tasks on this life.

Want to start your advent de moi right now?

somewhere a whole new universe unfolds

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Who we’ve been

Alison has spent time as an educator, a purveyor of psychotherapy disciplines including Transactional Analysis and hypnotherapy and also consulting with and project managing for organisations on their use of creative practices. Zoe’s background is as an educator and development coach for professionals and organisations. Underneath all this, our love is of self-discovery through lore, ritual and practice.

What People Say

Oh, excellent! I love long life better than figs.

Cleopatra Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

Thy life’s a miracle.

King Lear by William Shakespeare

Lay aside life harming heaviness

And entertain a cheerful disposition.

from Richard II by William Shakespeare

advent de moi ~ are you ready to hatch?