Self-Portrait as a Phoenix or Some Such

Ah, that explains why I’m bedazzled by fairy lights: I’m really an apex predator!

Let’s do the science part: learning about an re-engaging with your strengths and virtues and acting from them helps you to feel more consistently joyous.

Yet, in an Instagram world full of impossibly stunning self-portraits of individuals living impossibly immaculate lifestyles, it’s easy to let the old adage ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ take hold of us because our strengths and virtues may not be conventional beauty and interior design. Of course, there is already a backlash against those impossibly perfectionist selfies with many posting candid shots of the reality of a bedroom prior to its proprietor going out-out, and post away if that backlash is your joyous bag, but, if you want something more rooted in imagination and fun (and our subconscious minds don’t differentiate between imagined and reality, so, why wouldn’t you?) to remind you of your superpowers and virtues, read on.

Maquillage: the mess is worth it!

We’ve designed this gladvent task to add empowerment and self-selected joy into your world ~ and if you are already having a bloody brilliant day, it’s about to get even better. Often used as a parlour game, you know the one, if you were a piece of furniture, which piece of furniture would you be? (a chaise-longue, or course) this way of thinking about yourself can help you reconnect with your superpowers and your interconnection with the rest of the universe. Lots of therapies involve dealing with different versions of ourselves – in the Empty Chair, for example, we can have conversations with our image of a past self or a future self – we are talking to our own self-portraiture – a more extreme hybridisation of who we are and this can help us to feel exactly the way we want to feel. Be playful.

Try these:


Mask it, baby, mask it!

Those filters! Who hasn’t had a few minutes pleasure superimposing a unicorn horn on themselves? Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then, always be the unicorn. Of course you are magical – it was never in doubt. And, if you think the magic has gone from the world, create a piece of magic for someone else – who put that Post It note on your colleague’s desk to remind them how appreciated they are? Must have been that unicorn who visited before any one else got to work.

Dress up!

These boots were made for

In popular culture, Erica Giradi of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the queen of hybrid dress up. She has an outfit for every era and occasion but isn’t a copycat ~ everything is flavoured and seasoned by a mood or genre or place or time but she takes the best of herself and the best of a style to become the super-version of herself. You can start simply and you don’t have to take a selfie – but feel free if you would like to – what are the items of clothing in your wardrobe that make you feel like a hybrid between you and your superstar or warrior self? What am I wearing today? Why, Boudicca, darling.

Switch up!

Burn, baby, burn!

So, if you are a magical beast, which one are you? While you might be willing to undersell yourself as you, it’s much easier to acknowledge your brilliance once you know that you could only ever be a phoenix, everything falls into place – that’s why you have resilience, that’s why you never feel older, or you feel like an old soul in a new world, that’s why you’re warm-hearted, fiery, desired. Align those skills to what you do in the next few minutes – an intricate piece of work, making the first step in a large problem, look at a familiar situation through the wise child’s eyes. Joy can follow.

As ever, let us know how you get on …

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