Re-wire Y’Bad Self

… the story knotted to your birth can be the story of you ~ great if it’s a good yarn, not so hot if it’s vastly unravelled from who you’ve become

Let’s get some joyous facts in your back story.

They didn’t knit me clothes but chainmail and so a warrior was born

As you know, here at Advent De Moi, we are all about placing a quick piece of additional bliss in your day. No equipment or prior knowledge necessary. You don’t have to delay gratification with us – tap into some bliss right now with these quick fire re-writes of your personal narrative about how you got here because no one wants to be told they ruined their mother forever and it rained all day:

1. Invent your own

You could practice it like the opening line of a novel. You choose your genre. Try a few and see which one sits best for you. Just hearing it for yourself is powerful. I’m a particular fan of the gothic and, because I was born on a traditional witching day, I might go for, She clutched in her baby fist all the magics of the other.

2. Steal a line:

It’s true – a star was bursting somewhere – so no lie that your birth was synced with such an awesome event!

3. Find out about the configurations you were born under and utter sentences never before uttered.

Did I mention I was born beneath stars in the shape of a dog riding a unicorn?

Let us know what you come up with ~ always up for joy at this end!

All our images are from unless they belong to us.

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