The How Very Dare You!

sometimes daring comes in speckled form

Where does thinking of being daring take your mind? Possibly to the things we’ve been tutored to think are daring ~ playing ‘knock a door, run’ as a child, sneaking out of the clutches of our guardians as a teen then the real grown up stuff like tightrope walking across great ravines?

There are much quieter types of daring, of course, like looking under stones to see what wriggles away, juggling with your best china or hanging out embryonic hope in spite of precarious circumstances.

In the poem, Living Space by Imtiaz Dharker, a simple basket of eggs is audaciously hung from a precarious ledge in a Mumbai slum. Dwelling spaces in literature are always a metaphor for the mind, any literature teacher will tell you that, and in the poem Dharker illustrates what it is to have a precarious hold on living, never mind living well, and yet risk everything with the rebellious act of balancing hope in an ever-tilting world in which one blow from the wolf could bring the house down .

But, oh, the rewards, the rewards for such a very dare! The privilege of looking over the dark edge/of a slanted universe and to have your act of hope taking its first full eyeful of light, before it illuminates anything else our censorious minds have to offer.

Image from / The Art Institute of Chicago (Source)

Ready for your own advent de moi act of daring to hope? Try one or two rituals of hanging up your hope, no matter how tilted the world is. Here are some ideas to dip into:

~ Shakespeare suggests, True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings. Visualise what you hope for as a bird in flight on the thermals of life.

~ Draw a simple illustration of those eggs in that basket hanging over the dark edge of the universe.

~ Make something with an egg or an egg shaped object to digest or honour the idea that hope is a daring act to perform.

~ Write your secret hope and pin it somewhere outdoors to reside and weather the elements.

Let us know how you committed your self-discovery act of hope in the comments.

Nebula with high hopes of achieving star status

All images are courtesy of Quotations from Dharker’s poem were found at is the brainchild of Zoe and Alison of adventdemoi.

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