Wolf Rules, My Deer!

What happens if you switch up some ruling habits?

Feeling stuck in a rut?

Following someone else’s idea of a rule book for life?

Need to strike out and try a different rhythm for a while?

How about, just for a few minutes, you write yourself a different rule book, if only to remind yourself that life has options (if you’re near my age, this will have been pointed out for you in your teens with Wham’s directive, ‘Choose Life’ ~ what Wham failed to follow up with is that after you’ve chosen life, you have to choose something else to go with it ~ a little like having to choose footwear once you’ve chosen your main item of attire for the day).

Sometimes it’s worth checking in with that algorithm of choices you’ve made for yourself, or had imposed on you, just to make certain you’re happy with your decisions or compliances. To hold a more playful mirror up to your daily choices, try making your own Wolf Rules.

I originally found the idea of General Wolf Rules for Life via a pin on darling Pinterest and it has led to this advent de moi piece of playfulness.

wolf rules for life - Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves

I’m in particular awe of the use of directives that you don’t find in the world of work (oh, that a boss might direct you to rove, render or cavil, there would be no need to write your own Wolf Rules, then, would there?). It was with this in mind that I wondered if you might want to join me in this advent de moi frivolity by mapping out some Wolf Rules of our own?

I opt for leaving the lupine world behind, much as I love the majesty and community spirit of this apex predator, and choose to cavort into the world of deer for one good reason – every Winter Solstice, I get the urge to grow my antlers in for the season. I swear my skull itches with the desire!

Deer Rules for Life:

1. Peruse the night.

2. Leap heights that astound.

3. Lap water from running brooks.

4. Be still.

5. Turn heels.

6. Sprint.

7. Cherish fawn.

8. Practice invisibility.

9. Hide in plain sight.

10. Cultivate antlers for high seasons.

Ten rules hones values and pleasures, doesn’t it? As teachers used to say, write it up neatly for display. And, what they don’t remind you ~ practise some of those rules from time to time, if only for a second or in imagination?

I have traced General Wolf Rules for Life back to a micro blogger on Tumblr https://ohmydeerheart.tumblr.com/post/45731845391/myshoesuntied and I credit her for the posting of the image that has led to the playful suggestions here which are aimed at inducing a little joy into your day.

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