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All bound for the Lands of Blissful Self
  • Wolf Rules, My Deer!

    23rd Oct 2019 by

    What happens if you switch up some ruling habits? Feeling stuck in a rut? Following someone else’s idea of a rule book for life? Need to strike out and try a different rhythm for a while? How about, just for a few minutes, you write yourself a different rule book, if only to remind yourself… Read more

  • Unknit Y’Bad Self

    11th Nov 2019 by

    … the story knotted to your birth can be the story of you ~ great if it’s a good yarn, not so hot if it’s vastly unravelled from who you’ve become … Let’s get some joyous facts in your back story. As you know, here at Advent De Moi, we are all about placing a… Read more

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